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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life in Kyoto; tanoshii!

I must say we have had a pretty busy week. There are loads of forms we have to fill out and simply a lot to keep track on.
On Thursday we had a pretty short day though with just a Crime and Safety Seminar, we got to try an Earthquake Simulator and in the end we had a campus tour.
Though earthquakes of course are pretty scary stuff being tossed around in a safe truck isn´t that bad. We were four people sitting around the table in what was supposed to be a dining room (situated in the back of a truck), and then suddenly the whole room started shaking and we had to hide under the fake kitchen table..

After the short campus tour me and Alex went downtown and met up with Maho.
We had a lot of fun, and Maho showed us interesting places around the downtown-area of Kyoto. We even had dinner in a typical Japanese restaurant with a tatami-mat floor, where we ate okonomiyaki and yakisoba.

On Friday I went to fix my so-called "Alien registration" which is obligatory for foreign people living in Japan. Again, loads of paperwork and waiting.
Afterwards all students had to meet at the classroom for a Health Center Guidance Session which felt like it lasted forever considering that we was waiting for the announcement of the placement-test results.
I was quite lucky cause I got into all the Traditional Art courses I had pre-registrated for. But I decided to drop the Tea Ceremony and just stick with Calligraphy and Ceramics instead. If I´m lucky I´ll get the chance to take Tea Ceremony next semester.
The placement-test results were quite alright, I got into the A-level so I´m able to choose some of my Japanese subjects myself. I´ve already decided to go for the Business Japanese and the Japanese grammar courses.
I might want to choose some culture classes as well. Though I don´t think it is really necessary for my degree since I´ve probably got enough subjects already. But it is better to take too many than too few anyway, so..

Anyway, today me and a couple of my dorm-mates are going to go to the Kyoto station! Yay:)
It takes about an hour to get there if we go by bikes but today we´ll probably take the train or something.
Kyoto really is a big city but at the same time it is pretty nice and cozy too. Wherever you go there are small shrines and temples and the view kinda reminds me of my hometown in Norway because of the mountains surrounding the city.

Well, that´s all for today. Have a nice day everybody
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  1. HOHO, hiding under that table looks like "fun" :-p and congrats on the A-levels :)


  2. Yay! Congrats on getting into A-level! We knew you would do great! Who are your teachers?

    Hope to see more photos soon =) Also, doing paperwork sucks. But as soon as you get it out of the way, it'll suck less... =)

  3. Høres kjempespennende ut =) Godt å lese at det går bra foreløpig!

  4. Renate: Yeah, it kinda felt like being in an amusement park actually:D haha.. Thanks!!

    Jostein: Thanks:)! Kore kara motto ganbaranai to.. In the ordinary japanese language courses I´ve got Mitsui Kumiko and Shibutani Kimiko, and in japanese culture I´ve got Michael Jamentz..!
    I´ve bought a camera, so next time I update my blog (probably tomorrow) I´ll add some more pictures..!! ;)

    Aina: Så bra:D alltid kjekt når folk liker det man skriver, yay:) Synes du bør poste litt på fellesbloggen deres også;))

  5. Godt å sjå at du er framme:)
    Alltid mykje papir å fylle ut i starten, men bra at du bor så sentralt og at det er såpassa kort veg til universitetet. Hils Maho:)


  6. Jepp, er vel fremme! Men har enda ikke fått tak i telefon:-/.. Alle pre-paid telefonene er solgt ut for øyeblikket virker det som.. 大変。。。
    Men synes jeg bor veldig greit da:D Ikke er det langt til skolen, og det er veldig koselig her:)
    Den er grei, skal hilse neste gang jeg treffer henne:)!

  7. Ooh, you have to say hi to 三井先生 from Kaja and me. I wonder if she remembers us... =)

  8. Ok, I´ll do that..!! She´ll be teaching my class tomorrow. (^_^)v

  9. She remembered you;) She said 懐かしい and asked me how you two are doing ^_^

  10. That's so nice of her =) Sorry about the late reply. It's kinda hard to keep track of comments when there's no e-mail notifications like on Facebook.

  11. That´s alright;) I see your point there, I kinda have the same problem myself:P


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