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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Party 2011!

It was time for another Halloween, and me and Yuma had actually been preparing for this one quite some time. We had decided to go as Popeye and Olive, which seemed like costumes that wouldn't be too hard to make ourselves.
So some weeks ago we went to a second-hand store and bought a top for him, and a sweater and skirt for me. In total it costed us +/- 2000 yen, and that became the base of our costumes.
One of the things I like about Japan, is that they are having so-called hyaku-en stores (百円ショップ) all over the country, where you can buy stuff for.. Yeah, exactly: 100 yen. We went to one of them, and got felt, silk ribbons and buttons, and from there all we had to do was to go home and do the stitching.
Our Popeye and Olive-costumes:)
The result was, if I must say, quite good! A lot of people were actually quite surprised when they heard that we hadn't bought our costumes finished. It is also quite a lot more fun to make your own costumes, instead of buying clothes you only use once. Well, at least I can use the clothes I bought if I just remove the felt and the silk ribbon. I guess it's worse for Yuma's top though, since it is a girl's top anyway. Haha.. And I think it has probably stretched a lot since he used it, so it is not like it is going to look that nice on me either.

Anyway, the Halloween party was really fun. After the party at Ritsumeikan was finished, we just dragged a bunch of people back with us to Yuma's apartment to continue the fiesta, and I think that we might have been close to 30 people in the tiny apartment at most. Quite impressive, huh? It was epic:)
You have to use all the space you've got when you're partying in a Japanese apartment. Haha..
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