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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kyung Hee GIP life!

Here comes a small blog update from Korea! Lately I have been quite busy with school, and as there really isn't a lot to do in the area here I haven't had the chance to do that much beside life here at the school. So mostly my time has been spent studying, but since I have to finish most of my second thesis this semester anyway I guess it might be a good idea.

I have started practicing taekwondo though! But since I used to practice karate I do feel that there are some things in taekwondo that does not make a lot of sense to me. For instance, when it comes to karate you're supposed to bend the leg you stand on when you kick. This is because it gives you better balance, so if someone pushes you while you kick you have a better chance to control the outcome. But for taekwondo you're supposed to keep the leg you stand on straight. I never really got any explanation of the logic behind it, but I suppose there might be a good reason..? Hmm..

Kyung Hee University: The GIP campus
Anyway, I like my classes, or at least most of them. The school have 4 required courses one needs to take in order to be able to graduate, and the "Human and Cosmos"-class is not exactly the most yielding  class I've ever taken, to put it that way. The teacher makes some strange comparisons between homosexuals and thieves when he talks about adoption rights. He also have a tendency to talk about religions, and here his favorite topic is catholics and the crusades. This week he actually walked out on us because one of the students in class criticized him for his way of teaching. She might have rised her voice a little bit too much, but the way he reacted as a supposedly professional teacher was quite questionable.

Besides these events I guess life goes on as usual. In two weeks I'm off to Tokyo, and I'm super-excited about finally being able to meet my boyfriend again. The career forum in Boston is also drawing nearer, and I have already has a couple of skype-interviews with some of the participating firms.

So, this was a pretty short update on what I've been up to lately.. Hopefully I'll have more to write about next time.. ^^

Update: Click here for more (and more detailed) blog posts about Kyung Hee and the GIP.
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