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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Haircut in Seoul: Juno Hair!

If you are a westerner living in Asia there is one thing that can be particularly frightening, especially if you're not 100% certain of your language skills. I'm of course talking about getting your hair cut.

After having asked around among other foreign friends here it seemed like Juno hair was the place to go. Even though I'm studying Korean right now my skills aren't too much to brag about, and it was kinda reassuring to hear that Juno hair always has at least one hairdresser who speaks English. In addition it seems that there are Juno hair salons many places in the city, including in Hongdae where I'm currently staying. So it was not a hard choice at all..

I didn't have any reservation, and since it was a Saturday I did worry that I would had to wait. But is seems like I was quite luck, because I did not have to wait at all. It seems that they give student discounts if you are a student, but only if your school is Hongdae university. Bummer. I asked them about discounts for students from Yonsei or Kyunghee, but unfortunately they couldn't offer me that. I did however got a 10% membership discount, along with a free membership card!

The salon looked nice, and my stylist (her name is Shin Chae Hee) and the assistent did a great job. I got a free head massage along with the haircut too! I've added a couple of pictures so you can see how it looks there, and of course a before and after picture of my hair.

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