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Friday, August 23, 2013

Flying in Sigulda w. Aerodium Wind Tunnel!

Situated about an hour from Riga there is a town called Sigulda where you can experience a variety of extreme sport activities such as bungee jumping, paragliding and even flying. Yes, flying..! At a place called Aerodium they are actually offering you the chance to get lifted up in the air with the help of a vertical air tunnel that allows you to float up to three meters above ground. Me and my other travel buddies soon decided that this was one of the things we simply had to try out while in Latvia!
Looking for some inspiration in Segulda.. :p
A lady in the tourist information at Sigulda's train station helped us making the reservation, and we took a taxi to the outskirt of the town where we met up at the center about a quarter before the time of our flight. which is required for the sake of an information section where the instructors demonstrate the different hand signals they use while you're in the air, as well as safety issues and so on. Rent of the flying equipment is also included in the price, and you pay according to the length of the flight. The length can vary from 2 to +10 minutes, and the starting price is 19 LVL (student discount 10%, children & pensioners 40%).
Aerodium in Sigulda
I actually went to check out this attraction with my travel buddy Adaora, my cusine and.. My 75 year old grandmother! Wow, I was amazed that she dared to join us!! My grandmother was even the first one of us to try it (partly because she wanted to get it over with fast)..! It seemed like she enjoyed the experience quite a lot too, although she probably wouldn't have tried it if we hadn't convinced her that it was safe.
My 75 year old grandmother flying with Aerodium!
Like most people I've also been dreaming of flying since I was a little kid. Trying the wind tunnel was quite an interesting and fun experience, but at the same time it is quite limited what you can do due to the obvious restrictions they have to implement for the sake of safety. One of the instructors did however demonstrate a little bit of more advanced flying for us, and it looked really cool! It must be a fun part time job..^^
Me and the instructor flying above the wind tunnel!
If you're interested in trying out the wind tunnel you should order the flight online before going there, either through their internet page or by calling them directly. As previously mentioned we had a girl at the tourist information in Sigulda helping us with contacting the Aerodium, but it might be better to order online through their homepage to make sure you get your prefered time. 
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