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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Papua New Guinea: Kayaking at Walindi Plantation Resort

The Walindi Plantation Resort seen from a Kayak on Kimbe Bay
Photo: Anette

The Walindi Plantation Resort offers a wide range of activities for staying guests, including bird watching, a trip to local towns and villages in the area, a hot spring river, volcano trekking, snorkeling and most famously diving. After our diving day trip onboard one of the resort’s diving boats we took a day relaxing at the resort and spent the morning trying out one of the free activities you can do while there, namely kayaking.

Papua New Guinea: Kayaking at Walindi Plantation Resort

The resort has 4 kayaks readily available, and all you have to do is to ask in the resorption to get a paddle. Apparently, the best time of the day to go kayaking is in the morning, so after breakfast, we got our swimwear on and went to check out the nearby Bay Area.

We did a short round trip along the bayside and back again, and although there wasn’t that much to see in particular it was a very relaxing way to spend a couple of hours, with the view of the wide ocean and the wild jungle.

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If you’re visiting the resort and have some time available this might be a fun activity that you can do all by yourself. While at the resort we also went to see a tree in the vicinity which was inhabited by hundreds of fireflies, lightening up like a Christmas tree, which also was an interesting experience but unfortunately not possible to catch on camera with my equipment.

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