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Sunday, April 4, 2021

【Ryokan Meguri】New channel! Please check it out!

Hi there! Anette here. How are you?
It has been quite a strange year, hasn't it?

 At the time I'm writing this, it has already been more than a year since Japan got its first case of Covid-19. For me, 2020 also marked the 10th year since moving from Norway to Japan. This blog was initiated back in 2010 to record some of my adventures, and it has been updated regularly since then, but due to career changes and various other commitments I haven't been able to keep up with the blog since 2019. 

Although I've been enjoying documenting my various adventures abroad and in Japan, one challenge for me has been that I have too many interests and I've felt that the blog has lacked a specific focus. At the outstart of my career in Japan, I spent 5 years working in the online travel industry, and during this period I was fortunate to visit both hotels and ryokans in various parts of Japan. I even wrote quite a few blog posts about the topic. Most visitors to Japan see places like Kinkakuji and Sensouji, but a lot fewer take the trip to the next level and experience authentic Japanese ryokan hotels. Some might feel that the experience is too far from the ordinary, and some are reluctant to show off their nature's suite in the presence of complete strangers at the onsen baths. But some estimate that Japan has over 38,000 ryokans, and you can find that there are greater variations than you initially might believe. 

My mission is to document some of these unique ryokans, to make sure that you can find one that suits your visit, by categorizing them by things like area, season, budget, and theme. Example of some categories might be: 

- Historical shinise ryokans 
- Ryokans to enjoy the Cherry Blossom 
- Ryokans to see fireflies 
- Ryokans where swimwear is allowed 
- Ryokans for Solo Travelers 
- Temple Stay Experiences 
- Ryokans with a private onsen bath 

 I've just started this next chapter of my Japan adventures.
Please check out the below links and follow me to stay updated!

Ryokan Meguri Homepage
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