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Monday, January 15, 2018

How to sleep in a Capsule Hotel - do-c Ebisu [Hotel Review]

If you’re looking to keep your costs to a minimum while traveling in Japan staying at a capsule hotel can provide a good alternative for you. This might not be the optimal option if you don’t like to share facilities with other guests or if you dislike being in small closed spaces, but if those two conditions are met you’ll likely be able to enjoy staying at do-C Ebisu. I recently spent some nights in the newly opened capsule hotel and summarized the stay below.
The first thing you’ll notice is that the hotel is situated in a really narrow building and that there are no elevators to the reception area located on the first floor, so if you carry a lot of luggage you might find this part a big minus about the hotel. From the reception area there is one elevator going up to all the guestroom floors, but note that this elevator only takes up to 6 people so again, the less luggage the better. You should also note that it is common practice for capsule hotels to ask that guests check out every morning even when they're staying more than one night. This is because the guest floors are closed off during the cleaning hours.

Above: A guest lounge in the reception area
When you check in you get a key to your personal locker with your room number written on it. The floors are separated by a different floor for women and men, and women also get a separate key to enter the sleeping area. Each of the capsule floors has a locker room where guests can leave their suitcase and other belongings. The hallway is rather narrow so it can be slightly inconvenient to pack and unpack. Again, the less the merrier. Having a small luggage is definitely recommended to ensure a more comfortable stay.
Above: [Left] The locker [Right] The amenity bag
Above: Slippers, toothbrush, and pajamas
Inside your locker, you’ll find a bag with your amenities for the stay. The bag is filled with towels, a toothbrush, slippers, and pajamas to use inside the capsule and sauna floors.

The Guest Room

You can find your capsule inside the guest floor where a number of capsules are lined up. Guests are kindly asked to stay quiet on the guest floor, but when there are many travelers staying at the same time it might be hard to avoid noise completely.

The capsule rooms are... Narrow... But then again that is exactly what you can expect when you stay in a capsule hotel. The rooms are nice and clean though, and each of the capsules come with a pull-down curtain that you can use for some privacy.

Just be aware that the light in the hallway can be seen from your bed and that you will hear the noise of other guests when they are talking. You might want to bring your own earplugs! As for room amenities, the capsule comes equipped with a fan, one consent, and a USB plug.

The Sauna

One of the bigger merits of this hotel is that it has a separate floor equipped with a sauna that staying guests can use freely during the stay. I stayed at the hotel during the low season, so I was, fortunately, able to use the sauna all by myself..

Above: A shower right outside the sauna where you can cool down
The sauna floor also is equipped with regular showers.
Above: Sauna & Shower
Above: [Left] Shower[Right] Shampoo, conditioner & shower gel

What to Do

Above: The Yebisu Garden Place
The capsule is located in the posh Ebisu neighborhood, an area that is favored by local residents for its great number of cozy dining options. Visitors to Ebisu can enjoy romantic dating spots like the Yebisu Garden Place, and you can also visit the brewery that gave Ebisu its name;  the Museum of Yebisu Beer. If your timing is good you can also see the Ebisu Bon Odori Festival that annually takes place by the West Exit of Ebisu Station in August. Other places worth mentioning is the  Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Ebisu Station is on the Yamanote Line just one station away from Shibuya, and you can easily get around Tokyo from the hotel.

What do you think of this hotel? Please let me know in the comment session below.

 ◆Basic Info

  • Hotel Name: do-c Ebisu
  • Star Rating: 1 ★
  • Check-in: 13:00 / Check-out: 10:00

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