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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sightseeing in Jordan: Petra & the Desert of Wadi Rum

Here comes another little update from Jordan!
It´s only been a couple of days since my last post, but we experience a lot in short time so I´ve still got some new things to write about.
Yesterday (15.09.) we went to see the old city of Petra. Petra was ranked as number two on the list of the 7 modern World Wonders only beaten by the Great Wall of China, and is currently on UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites.
The word Petra literary means "rock", and it´s a village carved in themountains south in Jordan about 300 km from the capital Amman.
Petra has been influenced by many different cultures like the Nabataeans and the Romans which one can see clearly in the buildings and art from the area.
Still, what really strike it´s visitors must be the beautiful sight of el-Kahzne which still remains intact despite the sands of time and various earthquakes which has done heavily damage to the rest of Petra.
Walking though the narrow siq valley and getting your first glance at this monument is truly amazing and well worth the long way to get there.
After our trip to Petra we really didn´t do that much. But that is a part of being on holiday, right? At least the trip to the hotel´s swimming pool was nice and refreshing after a hot day under the sun.

Today (16.09) we left our hotel again heading for Aqaba. Our first stop was the so-called "little Petra". This place got its name because it´s kind of a miniature version of Petra with the same sort of buildings carved in the mountains but of course not to the same extent as Petra. Though there weren´t as much to see as yesterday the atmosphere was nice and we felt more relaxed because of the lack of big tourist groups.
After a short stop here we continued to the desert of Wadi Rum where we had an exciting trip by jeep through the vast landscape.
We had lunch in the desert and after that we continued our trip and reached Aqaba in the afternoon. We are staying at the Mövenpick hotel here, an excellent 5-star resort. Everything is superb.!

I'll be back later with more posts from our trip!

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  1. hei. kjekt å se bilder, du får nyte varmen, her regner det katter og hunder. Yey, høsten er kommet... blir spennende å følge deg videre på turen=)
    klem fra mini=)

  2. Hei.
    Du har en fin ferie ser det ut som. Morsomt å få dele litt av turen din. Her regner turistene vekk.
    Hilsen Elisabeth

  3. Heisann:)! Takk for hyggelige kommentarer:D!
    Har hørt rykter om dårlig vær i Bergensområdet ja, merkelig det der altså:P
    Håper det ikke blir altfor stille på jobben da.! Om ikke annet så er dårlig vær iallefall en god grunn til å sitte inne hele dagen og lese pensum.. Yaaay.. :)
    Klemmer til dere begge:)


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