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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Autumn view of Arashiyama & Iwatayama Monkey Park (嵐山モンキーパーク)

Here comes another little update from Kyoto..!

Not much to say about the past week, the days are disappearing before I even notice it. Mostly I´ve spent my days in the library studying, and besides this I´m just going to the usual club meetings or hanging out with friends.
Yesterday was different than usual though: normally I´ve got my ceramics classes on Saturdays, but this time we had the day of, which meant I could do some sightseeing instead. This time me and Yuma went to Arashiyama, which is the name of a district in the western part of Kyoto, close to the mountains (besides being the name of one of the mountains there as well).
It is known among others for the beautiful sceneries, and it was not a surprise that a lot of other tourists had decided to spend their Saturday there as well.

Arashiyama. As you can see some of the trees had already lost their leaves, but the scenery is still very pretty.

After crossing the Togetsukyo brigde we decided to check out the monkey park at the top of Iwatayama. Luckily it didn´t seem like that many tourists went to the monkey park though, since most of Arashiyama was packed with people it was nice to avoid the crowds for a while.

A sign we saw in the monkey park. Nice Engrish, huh? ;)

Iwatayama has still got quite some red leaved trees left.

Kyoto seen from the top of Iwatayama, where the monkey park is situated.

Arriving at the summit of Iwatayama we had the chance to take a look at the view of Kyoto. The weather was great, and it was relaxing to spend the time there looking at the monkeys playing around.

Those who wanted to feed the monkeys had to enter a fenced enclosure, where they could fed the monkeys from the inside.

Another picture of the lake at Arashiyama taken from Togetsukyo bridge.

When going by the Randen-train leaving from Arashiyama station, one has the opportunity to check out the many different souvenir shops in the street right outside the station. Since it´s still kouyou-season it is certainly crowded though..!

After our visit to the monkey park we walked around the area for a while checking out some of the temples, the souvenir shops and so on. Seems there is a lot of different things to see there, so I guess this is one of the places I might want to visit again during my year in Japan.
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  1. Nice.
    Send en epost til meg. onkel Egil

  2. Takk for det:)!! Jeg er litt usikker på om jeg har mailadressen din.. Men kan høre med pappa:p

  3. Oj, så nydelig... men engelsk e ikke japanernes sterkeste side =p

  4. Det var veldig flott der, ja! Smekkfult med folk da, på enkelte steder iallefall..
    Hehe, nei, det kan du si.. De burde kanskje ha dobbeltsjekket skiltet før de satte det opp. Men rett skal være rett; dette er et av de verre eksemplene jeg har vært borte i så langt så generelt sett er de ikke så dårlige som det ser ut til:P. Jo lengre vekk man kommer fra allfarsvei, jo dårligere blir vel rettskrivingen xD


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