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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

University Festival: Rits Fes 2010

On Sunday it was actually time for a festival at Ritsumeikan University's Kinugasa Campus, the so-called Rits Fes.

Me and some of my friends went there, first of all because we wanted to try out some of the different types of food we had heard they would be selling there, but also because this festival offers a wide range of entertainment; you can see anything from dancing to wrestling.

This type of festival is a chance for the many circles and clubs at the university to earn some money they can use for their activities, which most of them does by selling different types of food. Each club/circle has their own stand, so there are a lot of food to choose from. You can basically find everything from soup to Korean food, french fries and yakitori.
As for me I think it is a really nice chance to try out some new types of food for a fairly good price, and at the same time support the other student in their club activities.

Besides supporting the students by buying their food, we also got to see some of them performing live. On the main stage some of the interest clubs & circles got the chance to show the stuff they had been practicing too, like here with spanish folk dance.

Ericka, Eki, Silke and me. A bit hard to tell from this picture perhaps, but there was quite a lot of stands in this area where one could buy among others traditional Japanese food.

A stand where one could support a volunteer-club by buying used and (if your lucky) new clothes.

I was surprised by the fact that some clubs also sold used and new items such as books and clothes, for almost nothing.
I bought a shirt that was completely unused for only 100 yen, and when I got home I looked at the prize tag and got a bit shocked by the fact that the original prize had been nothing less than 7140 yen..
I don´t think I would have bought it for even half of that prize though. I do feel like I should have given more for it, but then again I didn´t really bargain or anything to get it that cheap so.. Oh well, I´m not complaining ;)

Our SKP buddies selling corn soup. I got the feeling that they might have sold worse than expected though, since they had to advertise with free hugs.. :P

One of the wrestling games at the festival. Personally I think they went a bit far, I´ve done Karate myself for some years, and seeing those guys tossing each other around with what seemed to be no limits or rules made me feel a bit.. Bad.. But of course it was really impressive at the same time.

There´s not much more to say about the festival. Besides shopping and eating we just hang around the campus watching stuff like wrestling and some dance groups having performances.
It´s always nice to spend time with good friends though, and I had a lot of fun this weekend too. I had to leave the festival a bit earlier than what I would have wanted though, because of upcoming mid-term tests.

The last couple of weeks has been quite busy due to all the mid-term tests, but today I had my one, so now I can relax at least a little bit more.
Still I guess I´m pretty easy to find these days, if I´m not at home you´re most likely to find me at the library, haha..

(The battery on my camera didn´t last long this day unfortunately, so thanks to Eki for letting me use her photos instead:D You´re great!)
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