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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Light-up at Kitano Tenmangu (北野天満宮)

Every year Kyoto has a lot of light-ups in temples and other special areas in the city. There are two seasons for this: in April in the period when the pink sakura blossom, and in the fall when the Japanese Bloodgood Maple trees turn red. 
The gate to Kitanotenmangu
Last Saturday was the final chance to see the autumn season's light-up at Kyoto's Kitanotenmangu shrine, and since it is not that far from where I live I decided to spend my Saturday evening with some friends enjoying the autumn scenery there.
Drummers in front of the main temple building in Kitanotenmangu
Kitanotenmangu has a temple area where one can enter for free, and this evening they were having a drum show in the main temple. I spent some time watching the show, and shooting some pictures of the main temple area, before I went to join the others in the garden-area of the temple.
One of the smaller houses in the temple area
The main temple in Kitanotenmangu seen from the side
After having finished my sightseeing of the main temple, I headed towards the Kitanotenmangu garden area. The garden is actually quite big, so it took me a while before I finally ran into the others.. Anyway, here are some of my pictures from the evening:
Red leaves up close
The bridge in the Kitanotenmangu-garden
Group picture at the bridge
A branch with red leaves. In the background you see the river.
The entrance ticket could be traded for some cups of tea and a wagashi snack

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Basic information

Event Light-up at the Kitano Tenmangu (北野天満宮) shrine

Access Bus number 50 from Kyoto station (30 min)
Time Mid-November to early December
Entry 700 yen for the entry to the garden (includes a cup of green tea and one wagashi)
Homepage (Japanese only)

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