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Monday, August 8, 2016

Second Hand Fashion Shopping in Tokyo: Mode Off in Ueno

Mode Off in Ueno
Japan is steadily becoming acknowledged around the world for its street fashion, and Tokyo is already a top destination for people in search of the latest style trends. However, these days the yen is getting more and more expensive, and you might want to opt out for a cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to the shopping.

One of the places you can go if you want to look stylish while keeping the costs down (and not to mention being environmentally friendly at the same time) is a second-hand chain called Mode Off. This chain can be found at a number of locations in Tokyo, and a little while back I visited their store in Ueno. The store had 4 floors filled with cheap apparel mostly priced at around 500 - 1500 yen. The quality of the garment is also excellent despite the low prices, and many of the items on sale look like they could have been totally unused. They also sell items from well-known brands such as Urban Research, Ralph Lauren, Jill Stuart, Diesel & Louis Vuitton to mention a few, and you can find items for both men, women and kids at the store. Definitely worth a little treasure-hunt!
On a side note; the Mode Off store in Ueno-Okachimachi is located in an area filled with interesting stores, so while you're in the area you might want to take some time to walk around the nearby Ameyoko street which is one of Tokyo's most renowned market streets. Another personal favorite in the vicinity that is worth a mention is The Suit Company that has an outlet where they sell formal wear such as suits at greatly reduced prices.
Mode Off is a part of the Hard Off group, which specialises in second hand products. Some of their other stores include Book Off, Hobby Off, Garage Off and Hard Off (consumer electronics). The map above shows all their Mode Off stores in Shutoken (首都圏 / capital region).
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Basic information

Name of Store Mode Off Ueno-Okachimachi (モードオフ 上野御徒町店)
Address 〒110-0005東京都台東区上野4-2-3

Access Approximately 10 min. from JR Ueno station / 3 min. from JR Okachimachi Station
Opening Hours - 11:00 - 21:00 during weekdays
- 10:00 - 21:00 on Saturdays & Sundays
Homepage Mode Off Tokyo

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