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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hair Ornaments for Fuku Musume

Though most of the things we need as Fuku Musume (such as the kimono, the socks and the shoes) are being provided or rented to us by the shrine, there still are some things we have to get ourselves though this mostly are trivial things, such as safety pins.. However, for those who want to to something more out of their hairdos (and believe me; the Japanese girls certainly do a lot out of it!) has to get their own hair ornaments. I did not have any hair ornaments in particular for being used with my kimono (the flowers and stuff are usually quite big, and the hair ornament I've got already are quite small in size), but luckily my boyfriend Yuma's mother surprised me by lending me some of hers. Actually, it turned out that Yuma's mother also was elected to be a Fuku Musume when she was younger! She showed us some pictures from back then, wearing kimono and working in the shrine.

The Toka Ebisu festival is in the Imamiya Ebisu shrine in Osaka from the 9th till the 11th, which means that there is little more than one week left now! I'm sure it is going to be an experience for lifetime.
Hair ornaments I am going to use with my kimono on the Toka Ebisu festival
Close-up of the hair ornaments
Butterfly hair ornament

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