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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sakura Season in Japan: A visit to Enoshima (江ノ島)

Above: Mt. Fuji seen from Enoshima
Spring has finally arrived here in Japan, and one of the most characteristic parts of the Japanese spring is the blooming of the cherry blossom trees sakura. As a part of a small sakura sightseeing trip last week to Shonan we stopped by the famous island Enoshima where we also got a glimpse of the Japanese symbol. The timing of the sakura season changes depending on the area you visit (sakura forecast for 2018 here), and early March was perfect for seeing the beautiful flowers by the Oide River. We did see some sakura on Enoshima as well, but if you're considering to visit Enoshima for the sakura season you might want to include a stop by the Oide River to your itenary.

When we arrived at Enoshima it was already getting late, but we still had an hour or so before sunset. The Enoshima island has a very special atmosphere, making it immensely popular with tourists traveling from near and far. Although most visitors stop by for a day trip from Tokyo the area has a lot of attractive points such as beautiful beaches, good surfing opportunities and the nearby Kamakura making the area ideal for longer stays as well.
There is only one path leading up to the temples on the Enoshima island, so it is easy to navigate. Especially with all the tourists; all you need to do is following the crowds.
After having gone through the first grey torii gate you get to a shopping street where they sell various souvenirs and local snacks. On a side note; The most popular meibutsu (local product) you can find here is shirasu, (young of sardines), and if you're hungry for lunch it's a good chance to try out shirasu-don, a bowl with shirasu topping.
Old ledgends has it that Enoshima island was created by the Goddess of Eloquence; Benzaiten (弁財天). This popular goddess is one of Japan's Seven Gods of Fortune (fukujin) and is commonly associated with good fortune, wealth, music and knowledge. 
On the Enoshima island you can find three separate shrines that are spread out through the island, making it an interesting place to go for a stroll. Here are some more of my photos from the visit:
 Above: A large ema (絵馬) marking the year of the dog  

 Above: View of Shonan from the staircase behind the red torii

 Above: A ring that is suppost to bring you good fortune if you walk through it.
 Above: Flowers in bloom

 Above: Ema (絵馬) with people's wishes of luck
  Above: The ema (絵馬) and an old tree
 Above: A map of the area
Above: A sakura tree in bloom on Enoshima
Although Enoshima didn't have many sakura trees to boost of we did visit just as this beautiful sakura tree in the middle of the island was standing there in full bloom. 
 Above: View of mainland Japan seen from Enoshima

 Above: Sunset and the contures of Mt. Fuji
Above: The Enoshima Sea Candle (lighthouse observation tower)

After the short sightseeing of Enoshima we went on to try the Enoshima Island Spa for some relaxation and onsen before going back to Tokyo. This spa had a fabulous view of Mt. Fuji from the outdoor pool where all of us could enter with our swimwear on. If you're going for a daytrip to Enoshima I would totally recommend taking some time to chill out in the spa.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below
- Anette

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