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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Update: Fiesta con Tacos and Kyoto Field Trip!

Here comes another short update from Kyoto! This weekend has been a rather busy one here, with a couple of events and stuff, so I decided just to make a tiny weekend-post for this time. 

First of all, my Spanish-teacher had invited my class to participate in a small birthday-celebration for a student from one of his other classes. It seemed like fun, and of course tacos isn't something I have the chance to eat that often here in Japan, so I didn't really have to think twice before deciding to go. I met up with one of my classmates Saturday morning (frankly, there is only three of us in my class this semester), and we went to participate in the event. Unfortunately we was a bit late, so most of the "hard" work was already done.. The only thing that actually remained was to eat the food and hang out! Here are some of my pictures from the event:
Taco fiesta at Ritsumeikan.. ^^
All hand-made! 
...And a birthday cake
The obligatory group picture ;p
..AAAnd a student who for some reason wanted to test out how it would feel to get the rest of the cake smashed in his face.. 
Well well, it was an interesting event. Haha. Practicing Spanish and eating tacos is not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning^^. And a great break from my studies, as I've been spending most of my spare-time working on my thesis lately.. *Sigh*.. I only have a month left in Kyoto, so I better get most of it done while I'm still here.

School-Trip with a Japanese Middle School
Anyway, on Sunday it was time for more fun, as I had signed up to participate in a field trip with a middle school class from Tokyo! I was actually quite happy to come along for this one, as I didn't have the chance to go last year since I hadn't acquired the working permit when we got the mail. My friends told me they had had so much fun, so I was really looking forward to it.
We met up at their hotel in the morning, and all got assigned to different groups of about 6 students each. The kids were really sweet, and after a round of self-introductions we went off to check out some of Kyoto's famous tourist destinations (which, to be honest, mostly were places I've visited many times before already, but oh well^^).
Our driver was a funny guy who despite lack of English education had picked up sentences such as "this is a pen". So to be honest he was the one who did most of the entertaining on the trip.. But it was a great day where we got to experience a lot of the typical tourist destinations in Kyoto. At least I hope me and the other foreigner in my group, Noam, managed to motivate the kids to study English hard, also when they go back to Tokyo.
So, little bit of a hasty post today, but hey, here comes some nice pictures at least^^!

Tenryuuji (天龍寺)
Tenryuuji (天龍寺)
The bamboo-forest in Arashiyama
The bamboo-forest in Arashiyama

A devil statue in Ninna-ji (仁和寺)
The five-towered pagoda in Ninna-ji (仁和寺) 

A Buddha-statue in Ninna-ji (仁和寺)
Group picture in front of the Golden Pavilion
Some of the boys and our mini-bus!
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