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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Instaframe: Improving your Instagram Photos

I have just discovered the application Instaframe, which can be used to put together your photos for beautiful collages, and have found it a really practical tool for combining with the Instagram application for even better pictures.
In this post I will present two ways these applications can be combined for an even more stunning photo experience.

Example one: Add color to your photos for a vivid sunset effect.

Original picture taken at Alona beach in Bohol
Step One: Add effect with Instaframe
The original picture was taken by the sunset, but as you can see the colors are not that deep. So I opened the picture in Instaframe and added the sunset effect.
After having been edited in Instaframe the picture has the characteristic Instagram-format and a deeper purple color

Step Two: Add Instagram effect!
Secondly I opened the newly saved Instaframe picture in Instagram, and added a second effect to the picture. Voila!
Finished editing! I love the dramatic color of this one x)

Example Two: Use Instagram to edit pictures before you make your collages with Instaframe. 

Here you can see the example of two original pictures, which I added to a collage after having edited them with Instagram.
Original 1: The Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Original Two: A Clownfish spotted during our diving trips in Balicasag

And this is the final result! Hope you like it!! ^^
Collage with some selected photos from the Philippines

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