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Friday, March 1, 2013

Yonsei 3-week Intensive Korean Course: 수료! A summary

Since I came back to Korea in the beginning of February I have been taking daily Korean classes at Yonsei University in Seoul through their 3-week intensive Korean course. Their levels range from one, which is the lowest, to eight. As I mentioned previously I had expected to get into level 3 or something since I only had studies one semester of Korean previously, but ended up in level 5 instead. The other students in my class all seemed to have a lot more experience with Korean than I did, and one of the guys had even lived in Korea for five years. So I did kinda worry that it would be very hard. Which it also was of course, but all in all I think it went pretty well too thanks to a lot of studying in the afternoons. We went through a new chapter every day, which also included two new grammar to memorize, so the progress was fairly rapid.
I have made many new friends both throughout the program at school, and also through the hostel I stayed at in Hongdae, Pencil Guesthouse. I really enjoyed my stay in Seoul, much because of the proximity to everything that Korea has to offer. Last semester I was stuck at school most of the time since my Kyunghee campus is situated far from Seoul, so I even feel that I have experienced more Korean culture during these three weeks than I did during my whole first semester here. During the three-week Korean course we also got to participate in a couple of cultural activities: the first week we learned to play the traditional Korean drum in a Samulnori-course, and the second week we learned how to prepare Korean Bulgogi. Last week all of the students went together to see a non-verbal cooking show called Nanta, which is supposed to be quite famous too. All in all I can definitely recommend taking a language course at Yonsei University. I think it is really nice to have the chance to utilize the winter holiday to learn new or improve old skills!

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