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Monday, April 17, 2017

Fun in Tokyo: Flying high at Trampoline Park TrAmpoland

There are many activities one can try out while staying in Japan's capital Tokyo in order to have fun. If you're tired of the regular big city life one of the things you might want to try for some variation is a visit to a trampoline park.
A couple of weeks ago some friends and I visited Trampoline Park TrAmpoland in Itabashi, where both big and small kids can have a go at the trampolines. The trampoline park can be reached in 11 minutes by foot from Itabashi Station, which is just two stops away from Ikebukuro on the Saikyo Line. Note that the trampoline park in Itabashi is the easiest to reach from the center Tokyo, but there is an even bigger Trampoland in Saitama for those who prefer to go for the largest place available.

We went on a Sunday, and because there are many families with children visiting we decided to aim for an early arrival - the Trampoland opens at 10 am but for adults who want to try the trampolines the space is limited so although we had made a reservation online we figured out it was best to be there a little bit before the opening hours in order to make sure we could use the trampolines right away.
It costs 1620 yen for 60min usage of the trampoline, and 2100 yen for 90 min (both included tax). First time users have to pay a 540 yen registration fee, but in return you get a pair of non-slip socks that can be used on the trampoline. The color of the socks depends on their size.
Fortunately we were able to use the trampolines right away since we showed up early - The number of trampolines are limited so if you are unlucky with the timing you might have to put your name on the waiting list and stay there for a couple of hours before the trampolines become available. We visited on a Sunday though, so it might not be that crowded during the weekdays.
Left: A sign that says that adults who want to jump on the trampolines have to register and come back after 14:00. Right: People waiting in the reception area for their turn to jump. These photo were taken around 11 am.
The trampoline park had a locker available for storing valuables and other items, as visitors are of course not allowed to jump while carrying any items with them. There are also changing rooms available, and as you will probably get more sweaty than you'd imagine it would be a good idea to bring something to change into.
A small trampoline available in the waiting room
It was many years since the last time I tried to jump on a trampoline, so it was a very fun hour indeed.  In my home country Norway it is not uncommon that families have a trampoline in their backyard, and I grew up jumping on the trampolines of my friends sometimes almost every day after school.
Above: Kids playing
The staff were also very helpful and showed us a couple of trampoline tricks to practice, which kept us perfectly entertained for the whole hour. You'd be surprised how exhausted you'll find yourself after one hour of jumping (or maybe not..?).
Next time I would love to try out the TrAmpoland in Saitama! Apparently one can do trampoline dodgeball there, so it might be fun to bring a group of friends and challenge them to a dodgeball battle...

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Basic Info
  • ・Name: Trampoline Park TrAmpoland (トランポリンパーク・トランポランドTokyo)
  • ・Address:2 Chome-46-3 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tōkyō-to 173-0004
  • ・Access:   3 min by foot from Itabashikuyakushomae Station (板橋区役所前駅)
      • 11 min by foot from Itabashi Station (板橋駅)
  • ・Opening Hours: Weekdays 14:00-22:30 / Weekends 10:00-20:00
  • ・Official Home Page:

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