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Monday, August 28, 2017

Sightseeing in Shikoku: The Kazurabashi Suspension Bridge of Iya

Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku is an area blessed by lush green nature and picturesque valleys. While the prefecture is struggling with a declining population resulting in abandoned villages and schools closing down there are still areas in the prefecture that are benefiting from the quiet natural surroundings that have lead to an increase in visiting tourists from near and far, and one of the popular places to visit is the Kazurabashi extension bridge in Iya, which is one of only three remaining suspension bridges in the area.

The Kazurabashi suspension bridge has been included in Japan's list of Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties. It has to be remade every third year, and in recent times they've added steel wires to the bridge as a safety measure due to the large number of visiting tourists.

It is said to bring luck for visitors who cross the bridge, and during our short visit there was a number of groups consisting of Chinese tourists in hope of some extra blessing. However, good luck is not for free; those who want to cross the bridge a 550 yen crossing fee applies.

The Kazurabashi suspension bridge can also be viewed from a second (modern) bridge situated slightly further up the river. Along with the view you can enjoy the beautiful river and nature in the background.

Note that some of the surrounding ryokan hotels offer free trips to go see the evening light-up of the bridge (doesn't include the crossing fee) along with some of the nearby waterfalls. We stayed at Hotel Kazurabashi, where this service was offered.

 Basic Info
  • ・Kazurabashi of Iya (祖谷のかずら橋)
  • ・Address:Japan, 〒778-0102 Tokushima-ken, Miyoshi-shi, Nishiiyayamamura Zentoku, 162-2
  • ・Opening Hours: From sunrise till sunset
  • ・Crossing fee: 550 yen for adults / 350 yen for children
  • ・Access: By bus from Awa Ikeda (70 minutes, 1290 yen, 7 buses per day) or from Oboke Station (20 minutes, 660 to 900 yen, 4-8 buses per day).

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