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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Diving in Palau - The Turtle Wall

In addition to beautiful sights like the Jellyfish lake and the Milky Way it is also worth checking out some of the great diving opportunities Palau has to offer. Yuma and I ended up taking only a day trip this time, which was not enough to see all of the most interesting diving spots in the area but still a nice experience. 
Exploring the underwater world in Palau

If we ever come back to Palau would be cool to go diving at the places where one can see the remains of shipwrecks etc. There was unfortunately no opportunity this time, but we did see some other amazing things though.
Hi there ;)

Into the unknown
We visited a place that was known as the "Turtle Wall", which apparently is supposed to be good for novice divers like us. And the name did not disappoint: we saw quite a large number of turtles down there.! The largest of them was resting on a projection of the rock wall with a pair of fisherman on the back. I never thought we were going to see such a big turtle! The water was very clear and visibility was good so we could also see some small sharks swimming around in the distance.

Discovered a huge turtle!
I'm not really touching the turtle. But this illustrates how close we got to it..
Look at this beauty (and her/his two friends^^)! 
Huge turtle swimming by
The tour was carried out by the company Fish 'n Fins. They are one of the major diving companies operating in Palau. Although the trip itself went smoothly, I was quite annoyed by the fact that they demanded additional 10 dollars per person when we wanted to pay by credit card. It would have been fair enough paying 10 dollars per person if we paid each of us, but when we pay the bill together they should not take double payment (20 dollars) for a transaction that is only carried out once.. I would probably have written a better review if it had not been for this incidence. Although the extra 10 dollars is not much to nag about we did feel like they were using a rather cheap method to gain as much cash as possible from their visitors.

Boat arriving at the doc
The Fish 'n Fins Scuba Dive Center
Having lunch at the Fish 'n Fins Scuba Dive Center
Anyway, the dive in itself was a nice experience. There is not that much to do in Palau besides the activities offered by the various travel companies on the island, so trips like this one are definitely necessary if you want to get something out of your stay in Palau.!

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