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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bowling by The Golden Pavilion

Hi everybody! Here comes another update from Kyoto again..!
There is not actually that much to say about the previous week, I´ve been a good student and gone to the library to study every single day. Well, that is to say the library is only open till five during the holiday, so me and Yuma decided that the different lounges at school provides a nice option for studying as well.

Anyway, I have been doing other things besides studying too (I guess that is more interesting to read about..)!
On Monday Ray, Bano, Silke, Yuma and me went to a place called Shozan Bowl north of The Golden Pavillion (Kinkakuji). It is located in what used to be a grand hotel from what I´ve heard, so the surroundings are actually surprisingly luxurious.
Besides having the bowling hall they actually also do weddings in the building! So why not combine your wedding with a round of bowling with your new family members? Haha.. Anyways..
Here are some pics from the place:
Picture taken outside the Shozan building in January when I went there with Fumiyo-san. At that time it was snowing quite a bit, which made the scenery even prettier.

More details by the entrance

...and from inside the building.

The bowling hall is surprisingly big, and because of the statues it really feels quite special. There weren´t that many people there though, probably because it was on a Monday.

Bowling! Yeah!

Having a good time..!

Us, minus Silke, who had to be the photographer this time..

The prices aren´t that bad either. They have a student discount, and with that it costs 350(weekdays) / 400(weekend) yen per round, plus 315 yen for renting bowling shoes.
So if you are going to go bowling while in Kyoto, I would recommend choosing this one - and it is a nice opportunity to stop by Kinkakuji as well:).
They also have some other campaigns going on at the moment, which you can check out here (in japanese). These campaigns lasts out February.

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