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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yokohama, Shibuya & Night @ an Internet Cafe

After leaving from Kyoto by the night bus on the 17th of February, i arrived in Yokohama early morning on the 18th. The weather was truly awful, and I actually feared that the sightseeing would end up being pretty bad.I spent most of the morning in Sukiya, which is a Japanese fast food chain selling more or less traditional Japanese food, waiting for Adaora which was supposed to arrive by Shinkansen (bullet train) some hours later than me. But since she came to Yokohama a bit later than expected, I decided to walk to the city center and doing some sightseeing while waiting.
The ship Nippon Maru with Yokohama´s ferries wheel in the background

The Yokohama harbour area is actually quite nice; luckily the weather cleared up so I could get a clear view of the attractions there. After some hours walk I finally met up with Adaora down at the harbour, and we decided to check out chinatown.

A building in Chinatown called Yokohama Daisekai
Staircase inside the Yokohama Daisekai building
The chinatown in Yokohama is actually the biggest one in Japan, and we probably spent an hour or so checking out the area.From there we went to the nearest station, where we took the train to Shibuya for 540 yen.
Adaora in Shibuya

For me this was the first time coming to Tokyo, and honestly speaking I would have thought that it would have been more chaotic than it actually was. Lucky with the timing I suppose..
Shibuya 109
We checked out some of the shopping malls (including the well-known Shibuya 109), and spent some hours at mcdonalds before ending up in an internettcafe called Manga Hiroba (まんが広場) where we could rent a room for 1000 yen/eight hours. Pretty cheap, huh?!
The internett cafe where we spent the night
Included in the price is a small room, free use of internett, a small blanket and as much beverage as you want (they have a machine which offers a lot of different drinks like cocoa, soda, coffee etc. For those who likes manga they also has a nice collection (at least it looks nice, but I do not have enough knowledge on the area to actually tell.. Haha..)Be aware that you need to be a member to be able to use internett. It is free to register, but you can only do so if you have an adress in Japan. Which both me and Adaora luckily have.! Wohoo..
Since we were two, we got a slightly bigger room than normal. Check out our "luxury"-hotel! :p
Our room in the front, among with a bunch of manga.
..and that's it for now! I'll be back with more Tokyo adventures soon!

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below

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