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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ritsumeikan University 立命館大学: Kinugasa Campus

This blogpost is mainly going to be concentrated upon my school Ritsumeikan Daigaku, which is a private university situated in the north-west part of Kyoto quite close to famous temples like Ryoanji 龍安寺 and the Golden Pavilion; Kinkakuji 金閣寺.
According to their web page, Ritsumeikan actually has a history dating back to 1869.
The pictures from my blog have all been taken at Kinugasa Campus, but in addition to this Ritsumeikan also consists of a couple of other campuses, not to mention some high schools and the university in Beppu.
Anyway, since we are having our spring break holiday right now the pictures I´ve taken might make the school seem kind of abandoned, but I can promise that it usually is quite lively. ;)

The Ritsumeikan clock tower, which actually can be spotted from quite a distance..!

Vending machines seems to be a must no matter where you go in Japan, and so of course we have more than a couple of them at Ritumeikan as well..

The library, which has almost been as a second home for me the last couple of months.. Haha..
Opening time is usually from 9-22.00, but in the weekends they only stay open till around five/seven. Not to mention that the opening hours also are quite reduced during the holidays.

Some banners advertising for some of the "circles", or interest clubs, which one can join at school. There are quite a lot of different circles, reaching from manga and drawing clubs, to sport or volunteer clubs as well.

To the left there is a small stage sometimes being used for entertainment or speeches, especially during the first weeks of the new semesters.

Recently Ritsumeikan are trying to make the school a smoke free environment. That is to say, smokers can smoke as long as they do it in one of these.. Cages..?.. :P
Well, at least it is probably warmer to smoke inside the cage than outside during the wintertime.

Another picture at the area where you find the most of the international students at campus, as well as the students studying International Relations, languages and so on.

So as an international student at Ritsumeikan, Kinugasa, you are quite likely to end up here.. ;)

.. And that´s all for today. A bit short perhaps, so for those who are interested in reading more about Ritsumeikan, I´ve got a link to their homepage here.

Ritsumeikan in May, with loads of pretty cherry blossoms <3

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  1. This is awesome! :) I'll be going to Ritsumeikan this semester for a uni exchange programme^^ Thanks for all your info about the uni!^^ Helps me a lot :)

    1. I'm glad you found it useful! Ritsumeikan is a great school, I really enjoyed my two years there. Let me know if you have any questions about life at Ritsumeikan or about Kyoto etc in general. Of course, Kyoto is such a fantastic city, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time there! Enjoy the sakura!! (^_^)/


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