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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sightseeing in Malaysia: One day in Kuala Lumpur

Above: China Town
Yuma and I arrived by plane to Kuala Lumpur as the second destination of our 1 month back backing trip through South-East Asia after a 6 hour-long flight from Seoul. After spending the last few days with temperatures reaching down to minus 5 it was good to finally be able to wear thinner clothes and enjoy the weather.
Entrance to Chinatown
Arriving in Kuala Lumpur we headed for our hostel situated in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, using the metro to get of at the Pasar Seni station. At first we were a bit lost, because the map we had with us weren’t exactly the best. A guy asked us if we needed any help, and it turned out he actually knew about our hostel and helped us find the way there. We soon discovered that it was quite easy to find your way around in Chinatown though; it is much smaller than it first seemed like. And you can find anything here; they sell the usual stuff such a bags, sunglasses, clothes etc. If you don’t mind fake copies then it is really the place to go for shopping.
Local food in Chinatown
Yuma with a coconut
A couple of sunglasses for 25 ringgit
The gate to Chinatown
After having explored the area for a while we decided to go by metro to see the PETRONAS Twin Towers, and we soon discovered that Kuala Lumpur is a really cheap place for public transport as well. We though it would cost us a bit to get all the way up to the area with the tower, but in fact the price was only a couple of Ringgits (Malaysian currency). The tower itself is right next to a shopping mall, and if you prefer the “real thing” then this is the place to go if you prefer buying the more expensive version of the things you find at the market. Yuma and me preferred to save our money instead, and stuck to some window-shopping before checking out the towers. For those interested it is possible to take the trip to the observation deck of the tower to take a look at the view, which costs 50 Ringgit for adults. For those who however already have had enough of the view from towers (I mean, they are everywhere..) you can just snap a couple of photos and move on. 
PETRONAS twin towers
Us in front of PETRONAS twin towers

Checking out the map of the area

There isn’t that much to do in the area if you aren’t up for shopping, so we soon decided to go back to Chinatown. There are more things to see here; for instance they have an Indian style temple in Chinatown, Sri, Mahamariamman, which we stopped by for a short visit.
Entrance to Sri Mahamariamman temple
Indians playing music in the temple
Some statues in the temple
Lights and prayers
The core of the temple
If the outdoor shopping in Chinatown turns out to be too hot for you, they also have a big market hall close by where you can find everything from antiques to clothing and food. This market hall opened in 1936, and is considered a heritage site by the Malaysian Heritage Society. The nearby metro station has even gotten its name from the Malaysian word for this market: Pasar Seni. A little side note: In the Central Market they also have one of those pools where you can pay to have small fishes eat the dead skin of your feet..! Some last pictures, these ones from the Central Market:
Central Market, Chinatown
Inside Central Market
More shops
You can buy both new things and antiques in the market
..or what about a bat on sale..? (>.<)
Central Market

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