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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Iconic Singapore Rooftop Pool: A night at Marina Bay Sands

Approaching Marina Bay Sands
One of the things Yuma and I wanted to do while in Singapore was to check out a the iconic swimming pool that you probably might have heard about already: The one on the top of a hotel building that looks like a ship! So far in or journey we had consequently been searching for hostels fulfilling the criteria cheap and good, with cheap being the most important factor. This time, however, we had decided to go for a far more expensive lodging just for one night, mostly just because we wanted to try out that swimming pool on the top. The price of the room was probably more expensive than all the previous nights on our trip combined. But if we were going to have just one night of luxury on our trip than this had to be it.
Having fun in the hotel room..
And we were not disappointed: The hotel was really nice. Having slept in rooms for a price of 5-14 dollars/night for the last couple of weeks we might not have been that hard to satisfy, but still I have to say that it was a lot better than imagined. 
View from our room in the Marina Bay Sands
Our room faced the ocean, which gave us the chance to look at something else than just the concrete jungle of Singapore. I mean, there are a lot of impressive buildings here, but I think both of us preferred the relaxed nature of Tioman Island, where I got my divers license before we went to Singapore.

Nice and spacious bathroom
With that said, arriving at the upper floor of Marina Bay Sands and seeing the enormous pool with the city stretched out below our feet was truly amazing, and even better than I’d imagined. If we had had more nights at the hotel I’m sure we would have checked out the rooftop bars as well, but I guess that’ll have to wait for another occasion...
Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool
Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool
Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool: Yuma looks like a swimwear model..
Enjoying the rooftop pool of Marina Bay Sands
The entrance to the hotel
The harbour
Another thing I can mention is that staying as a guest in the Marina Bay Sands felt somehow isolated from the rest of the city: the hotel has its own restaurants, shopping center and even entertainment such as casinos and musical shows within the hotel or right across the street. Of course it also had a huge gym with a lot of fancy exercise machines, and we ended up spending a couple of hours in the gym too. Since we did not have more than one night in the hotel we wanted to spend our time here, and not go too far for dinner. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on your dinner you should probably be a bit careful with where you decide to eat: most of the restaurants are way too expensive, at least for students like us travelling on a strict budget..

Inside the hotel in the evening
 Marina Bay Sands by night
View from Marina Bay Sands by night
Anyway, I have no doubt when it comes to recommending this hotel if you are planning to spend some days in Singapore: it is a great experience even if your budget allows just one night.

Basic Info

Name of Hotel: Marina Bay Sands
Star Rating: ★★★★★
Access Bayfront MRT station (CE1, Exit B, C, D, E)
along the Circle Line Extension.
Check in: Check In From 3PM
Check Out Until 11AM

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