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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Restaurants in Kyoto: Museum of Kyoto's Azami Restaurant

The Museum of Kyoto (京都文化博物館; Literarily Kyoto Cultural Museum in Japanese) offers a great collection of arts and craft for anybody interested in a detailed exhibition on Kyoto's cultural history. The museum is situated in Central Kyoto, and can be reached within 3 minutes from exit 5 of the Karasuma-Oike subway station.
Although the museum has a lot to offer, this post is mainly going to be about one of the restaurants inside the museum's building: Azami Restaurant. Yuma and me have been eating at this restaurant a couple of times, and I really like it. With that said, I'll have to mention that Yuma worked part-time here for half a year, so they give us good service too! x)
Anyway, the restaurant is very nice, so I wanted to recommend it to anyone who wants to have a Japanese dinner in traditional Japanese surroundings. For instance they have a couple of tatami-mat rooms and an artificial Japanese garden, and the Japanese food is of course delicious too. Yuma worked extra hard and translated their menu into English, so if you happend to stumble upon this place then please don't hesitate to ask for the English menu ;)
They offer different Japanese dishes such as oyakodon, teriyaki and Japanese curry, and in addition to this some Japanese desserts such as warabimochi and Japanese style parfait. 
Here are some pictures from the restaurant:
Entrance to Azami Restaurant
Parfait with an alcove in the background
The Japanese garden inside the Museum of Kyoto
More details from the restaurant
A close-up of the alcove
One of the other dining rooms of the restaurant

Another photo showing the Japanese garden
..And for those who'd rather prefere the izagaya-setting they do have that too!
The Museum of Kyoto is having a special exhibition displaying paintings by Hokusai from February 1st - March 25th for those interested!
Inside the Museum of Kyoto there are a couple of traditional streets with restaurants and stores selling souvenirs 

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