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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seoul's Best Toilet!

Seoul has become one of the world's most modern city, a place where you are almost guaranteed to find the latest technological inventions and gadgets. On the other hand, it is also a city of history where you can find beautiful art and buildings from the far past.
Since Seoul is a city that holds a lot of pride, and even strives to become recognized as a World Heritage City like Kyoto, I found it quite interesting when I discovered a sign beside the toilet in Seoul's express bus terminal stating that this toilet had been awarded Seoul's best toilet in the year 2001. It seems like Koreans like to display their pride in somewhat unique ways.
Anyway, it gives an interesting insight into newer Korean history (for those of us who might be interested in the history of toilets.. Hmm..). I have to say though, that of course they have many toilets with a lot higher standard now.

Seoul's Best Toilet 2001

The most famous toilet in 2001..

Fantastic toilet. Haha..

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