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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom Season & Spring at KyungHee's Seoul Campus

It seems that spring finally has reached Seoul, and the sakura has started blooming all over Seoul. The Kyunghee Campus in Seoul must be one of the best places for pretty pictures of sakura, as the campus is full of them. Yesterday I took the trip to Seoul with some of my friends from GIP, and we stopped by Kyunghee and also the amusement park Lotte World to enjoy the nice weather take pictures.
KyungHee: Towards Global Eminence
The KyungHee campus in Seoul is probably one of the most beautiful places in Seoul with its old European architecture that looks like it has been taken out of the Harry Potter universe or something. I have been here a couple of times already, but seeing all the blooming sakura (cherry blossom) makes the whole place even more amazing than usual! I went there with my friend Tanya who really loves to take photos, and so we spent quite a lot of time just walking around taking pictures.

Did you know that it is possible to go up to the roof of one of the buildings to the left of the main building? I don't remember the name of the building, but considering all the people who goes there it shouldn't be hard to find. You just take the elevator to the sixth floor (unless you prefer to walk of course), and from there you take the first turn to the left where there is a staircase going up to the roof. From this place you have a perfect view of the campus, which you can see in a couple of the pictures below.

Overview of Kyunghee's main campus with the beautiful sakura in full bloom

Tanya's best shot of the day. I really like this picture^^
Just enjoying the beautiful flowers!
The main campus has really beautiful architecture, which you can see in the background.
The main building.. So popular.. Haha..
너무 예쁘다~^^
Kyunghee campus + sakura = 最高.
On the roof
After having roamed around campus for a couple of hours we went south to Jamshil where there also were supposed to be some good spots for sakura.
The area around Lotte World is especially a nice spot for pictures, but the amusement park seemed rather small and perhaps more suitable for families with kids. Not that I can say for certain, as four of us decided to go back to the GIP instead of checking out the park..

A temple-style building inside Lotte World
Group picture!

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