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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Volunteering in Minami Sanriku: The Seaweed Factory

Unlike in most western countries the Japanese often have seaweed as a common ingredients in their daily meals.
As Minami Sanriku still lacks people who can work at the local businesses, one of the tasks of United Earth volunteers is to help out with manual labour. One of these businesses is a factory processing seaweed, and I've had the opportunity to join the 昆布-team three times during my stay in Minami Sanriku.
My second time working here one of the lady in charge took me aside in the lunch break an showed me a beautiful pouch in many different colors which she told me had been made from boat flags. When I asked her how much she wanted for it she told me it was a gift. She said that they all really appreciated our help, and asked me to 頑張って下さい ("work hard"). It impresses me how the people here who have lost so much still they keep their heads up high and keep on working for the recovery of their city.

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