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Friday, February 7, 2014

Final Trip to Ritsumeikan!

It has been about three and a half year since I first came to Ritsumeikan as an exchange student back in 2010. Back then I had planned to stay at the school for a year through the Study in Kyoto Program, but ended up enrolling in Ritsumeikan's Graduate School of International Relations.

This week I went back to Ritsumeikan for the oral defense of my thesis, which I turned in last month. The defense marks the ending of my life as a student in Japan, and after I start working in Tokyo in April I think it will take many years until I possibly decide to go back to university again.

Anyway, I have decided that I'll still keep on posting updates about my life in Japan along with my travels, but as I will no longer be a student I have made a small change to the blog's title. Stay in tuned for more adventures in the future!

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Anette came to Japan as an exchange student in 2010, met the love of her life and got stuck. From her base in Tokyo she writes about her experiences as a full-time worker in Tokyo and about her travels in Japan and abroad. She's a free-spirited adventurer who'd gladly trade a trip to the shoppingmall for a hike in the forest any day.

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