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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tokyo Cafes: Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

The entrance to the tea house at the back of Aoyama Flower Market
It might look like a normal flower store when you enter and the fresh scent of flowers greets you. But at the back of the Aoyama Flower Market in Omotesando there is actually a hidden café waiting to welcome you with its range of herbal teas. The café's theme is greenhouse, and the walls are covered with plants that help to create the right mood.
The greenhouse cafe
Great atmosphere and great company
My friend Anna and I stayed quite long in the cafe, and we tried out both their tea, salad, and cake. We picked a tea that was supposed to be quite refreshing, and it was served with a small jar of honey added. 
A green tea with various leaves inside
We also had one of their salads. Although it, of course, was very good we had not expected that it would come with sausages. It is somewhat typical in Japan that what you order always comes with a small piece of meat or something even though the menu didn't indicate that there would be any. I guess Japan is not the easiest country to be a vegetarian in.
Our salad, which also turned out to include sausages.
We decided to stay a little longer and try the chocolate cake theirs too. If there is one type of sweets I find hard to resist, it must be chocolate.
Chocolate cake with whipped cream and blueberries
A flower by our table
In addition to the food and drinks that the Tea House has to offer, they also sell a variety of flower-related products such as the fancy vases below.
Fancy flower vase
Some more flowers
The tea shop is quite popular
Tea house 名刺
Today's flower
Flower party coming up!

Got a free rose at the Aoyama Flower Market
During our stay at the tea shop, a Japanese lady came up to our table and asked us to help her correct some of her English sentences. She seemed very happy when she left, but we didn't think much more about it. When we went out of the café to leave one of the florists came up to us with two roses, and explained that a lady had wanted her to give them to us. Such a sweet gesture! So now I have a pretty rose to use for decoration in my room. 

The Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is such a cute little cafe! If you have the chance I would definitely recommend visiting. Just be aware that you'll probably have to wait in line for a while to get seated because of its popularity.

Basic Info
  • ・Name of Cafe: 
  •     Aoyama Flower Market Tea House 
  •     (青山フラワーマーケット )
  • ・Address:
  •     〒107-0062 Tokyo, Minato, Minamiaoyama, 5 Chome−1−2, 
  •     青山エリービル1F
  • ・Phone: 03-3400-0887
  • ・Opening Hours: 11:00~20:00 (Mon-Sat),
                               11:00~19:00 (Sundays & official holidays)
  • ・Official Home Page:

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