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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tokyo Cafes: Tokyo Dome City Moomin Bakery & Cafe

The Moomin cafe at Tokyo Dome City in Kourakuen
The Finnish cartoon character Moomin is extremely popular in Japan. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Swedish-Finnish creator Tove Jansson, and we can probably expect to see a lot of the little white troll in Japan in the coming year as well.

In Japan you can find the Moomintroll and his friends almost anywhere, for instance in the form of cute products or in commercials on TV. At the entertainment city Tokyo Dome City, which is located close to where I live, they even have a Moomin Bakery & Café. Here you can buy Nordic-inspired pastries, and the café itself is of course also inspired by Nordic architecture.

Various types of Moomin bread
The cover of Tove Jansson's book Trollvinter (Fun fact: Jansson's original books were written in Swedish, not Finnish)
A little while ago my dad was visiting me in Tokyo, and one of the things we did during his stay was having a breakfast together at the Moomin Bakery. If you visit the cafe by yourself there is however no need to feel lonely; you can always enjoy the company of one of the cafe's giant stuffed animals.

Breakfast at the Moomin Bakery with my dad and the character Sniff
My dad and Sniff
Sniff @ the Moomin Bakery & Cafe
The Moomin Bakery can be found in Tokyo Dome City, right by the Korakuen station. For more information about the café, please check out the info below.

Basic Info
  • ・Name of Cafe: Moomin Bakery & Café (青山フラワーマーケット )
  • ・Address:Tokyo Dome City LaQua, 1-1-1 Kasuga,
                    Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo 112-0003 Japan
  • ・Phone: 03-5842-6300
  • ・Opening Hours: 8:00-22:30 (Monday - Saturday)
                               8:00-22:00 (Sundays & Holidays)
  • ・Official Home Page:

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