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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tokyo Cafes: Cafe Fuglen - Norwegian style Coffee & Vintage Furniture

Fuglen by night
Last weekend the popular Norwegian cafe "Fuglen" ("The Bird") arranged an official launch party for their new Fuglen Coffee Roasters situated around 10 minutes from the original cafe. I went to the event along with some friends, and afterwards we walked back to Café Fuglen for an evening drink.
For those of you who don't know Fuglen from before the original café opened in Oslo in 1963, and after all these years it is still a popular place that focuses not only on coffee and cocktails but also on Norwegian vintage furniture. What is really unique about Fuglen is that you get the chance to both try out and even buy their furniture during your short coffee break.
Café Fuglen's Japanese branch opened in 2012, and has since then become a trend setter in the pulsating Japanese capital. During my internship at the Norwegian embassy last year one of my daily tasks was to translate Japanese articles from newspapers and magazines into English, and one of the most frequent topics was Fuglen. If I'm not mistaken one of the articles was even entitled something like "Cool girls like free WiFi", and consisted of some hip cafes around town where they provided the opportunity for people to surf online for free on their net. The only relevance to Fuglen was, as you might have guessed already, the free WiFi..

A Fuglen poster inside the cafe
The characteristic Fuglen logo outside the cafe

With the popular Norwegian beer Nøkne Ø (naked island) on the menu (unfortunately it was sold out)
Fuglen and beer
Fuglen is in other words a very popular place to hang out. There are usually quite a lot of people who visit the cafe during the weekend, but since we left the launch party relatively early we came just in time to capture the whole row of seats in front of the cafe. The area is rather quiet at night, so hanging out with friends in front of the cafe is quite a nice opportunity to chat and chill out.
Enjoying good company & drinks in front of Cafe Fuglen
For more information about Fuglen, please check out their homepage

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